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The Curriculum is:

  •  a statement of the reason of schooling. It States what it is that students will have the opportunity to learn as a result of their attending the school. The content of the curriculum addresses both knowledge skills

A high-quality curriculum connects items of knowledge and skill and utilises a set of steps that define increasingly complex knowledge, skills and concepts. The fundamentals role of teachers and schools is to enable students to progress along a learning continuum and helps to ensure that learning builds each year on knowledge from the previous year. This works towards purposeful learning and the child not having any gaps in their learning or repetition of lessons that may occur with random learning content.


The School'l teaching and learning program is:

  • the school's plan for delivering this knowledge and skills in ways that best utilise local resources, expertise and contexts to help engage the students and bring meaning to their learning.

This school has based its curriculum  on the Vanuatu Curriculum and on the learning outcomes as set out by The Victorian Curriculum Authority, Australia Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).


The development of a sequence of lessons is the work and responsibility of the classroom teacher and it is important that this is done in the context of the whole-school curriculum plan. It is important for teachers to be able to draw on their own skills, knowledge and experiences in their lessons so as the teacher has a purpose to  their teaching resulting in a more enjoyable and rewarding lesson for all.


The curriculum will be using an integrated curriculum, to enable learning content to be covered in a variety of ways and showing the connections between the different subject areas.


Donna Elite Foundation is a Christian based school and the first 30 minutes of the day is a whole school approach to the learning of the Christian faith and its values, and the connections of these to developing into a happy, responsible member of


2020 Enrollments open!2020 Enrollments open!